Meet Dr. Baron

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Meet Dr. Jennifer Baron, a renowned dermatologic surgeon based in San Jose, California. For over a decade, she's been using her specialized medical training and hands-on experience to revolutionize skin care. She's on a mission to tackle a wide range of skin issues, from sun damage and aging, rosacea and acne, to dry and sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, and skin laxity.

But her journey doesn't stop at the clinic's door. Dr. Baron is a global collaborator, partnering with top-notch chemists and manufacturers in Seoul, Korea, the heart of innovative skin care. Together, she and her expert team are crafting some of the most exceptional medical-grade skin care products available today.

Dr. Baron is not just a physician, she's a skin care advocate, delivering solutions to her local patients and sharing health and beauty with her global community. She does all of this while maintaining a firm commitment to ethical practices - all of her products are 100% cruelty-free.

Join Dr. Baron on her journey to transform meaningful skin care, one person at a time.