Take A Skin Care Quiz Designed By A Dermatologist & Get Your Skin On The Right Track

Double Board-Certified Dermatologist, Skin Cancer Surgeon and International Traveling Volunteer Doctor, Dr. Jennifer Baron is Your Personal Skin Care Expert.

On a very personal level, most of us want to feel good and have the radiant skin to show it. Our skin is our visual and tactile connection with the world, our presentation of ourselves, and our physical protector. A daily onslaught of unpredictable players can sabotage even the best genetics--stress, hormones, pollutants, interrupted sleep, bad food, dehydration, sun irradiation, scars, allergens and irritants. And every skin type is unique and may respond differently to different environments. So, how do we (or can we) get glowing skin every day?

While many skin care products make big claims, there are some key items in a personalized skin care routine that will get you there. In broad terms, antioxidants, barrier-repairs, hydrators, sun-reflectors, collagen-builders and redness-reducers will help you reach your targets quickly and then maintain healthy skin over your lifetime.

We spoke with expert dermatologist, Jennifer Baron, MD, and she gave us a glimpse of her point of view:

“Every day that I show up at my medical clinic, I see and meet people with life-altering challenges, like itching, discoloration, breakouts, skin cancers, scars, and aging faces, just to name a few. One-to-one conversations with more than 10,000 individuals of every race, age, gender, and skin type over the past 10+ years have motivated me to discover, design and develop solutions that could turn things around for them. Whether it’s my Hippocratic oath or my personal desire to meet these challenges with the full force of my education and creative mindfulness, I’m always looking for a better way to make better skin, and a better life for my patients. For me, I don’t feel this is a job, but a personal opportunity to make a difference for someone.”