Why Go To A Doctor And Not A Medspa For PRP?

What is Platelet-rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) starts with your board-certified physician taking a sample of your blood who then separates your plasma and growth factors and injects or applies these to your skin. PRP contains the self-healing messengers that consist of unaltered growth factors and other natural components of your blood. This process is successfully used for hair restoration, scar reduction, collagen growth, as well as in dentistal and orthopedic procedures. PRP has been recognized for decades as a superior treatment compared to other expensive, low-benefit surgeries.

Why is PRP Better?

A physician's most valuable healing partner is the person they're hoping to help. A surgeon counts on the body’s ability to mend its own tissue after a procedure, repair muscle, and seal wounds. 

It’s only natural for medicine to search for ways to harness the remarkable recovery systems that every human body has. Your blood plasma contains powerful healing resources, including platelets, which, among other functions, contain numerous growth factors that initiate the healing cascade of collagen renewal, wound healing, and hair follicle regrowth.


For the right candidates, microneedling is superior in its effectiveness, safety, and cost for acne scars, wrinkles and skin aging and hair restoration. Dr. Baron performs all blood draws, PRP concentration and separating, and either injections or applications in a dedicated surgical room in her office while you are in the room. You are her only PRP patient from beginning to end of treatment and all needles and blood products are handled as a licensed medical and surgical office.

Extracting the Platelet-rich Plasma

The PRP process starts with Dr. Baron taking a small blood sample, about the same amount as that taken for typical blood testing. She then places your samples into a centrifuge that "spins" it so that some blood components can be discarded and just the growth-factor-rich fraction can be separated and immediately utilized for careful injection into the scalp or gentle application to the face, neck and/or chest for scars or aging skin.

No one else has access to your blood draw or preparation into PRP, Dr. Baron does the entire process herself. And, she does this all in one room where all components of this process take place while you are here.

Microneedling For Acne Scars and Aging Skin

Microneedling already harnesses your body’s healing power by creating tiny, controlled injuries that jump-start the production of renewable skin components like collagen and elastin. These provide your skin with improved nourishment and hydration as your body eliminates older skin components as new tissue arrives. 

Platelets are already part of the process, though your natural blood supply limits their quantities. Adding PRP injections boosts the level of available platelets for microneedling mini injuries, delivering more than 20 types of growth factors that platelets contain. 

While results vary between patients, you can expect to see tighter and more refreshed skin tone, improving even more with subsequent treatments. 

Hair Restoration with PRP

Similarly, the burst of growth factors delivered through PRP helps many patients with thinning hair. PRP not only improves the health and thickness of existing hair, it can often spur the growth of new follicles. 

Typically, you’ll see new growth in about two months and after four to six months of treatment, your hair should be noticeably more full and healthy. 


PRP Safety

An article was just published in the Centers for Disease Control's MMWR about cases of HIV being transmitted at a spa in New Mexico, see link. All OSHA-, CLIA- and Board-Certified physicians and surgeons are mandated by state and federal law to utilize Universal Precautions and maintain infectious disease safety standards.
Dr. Baron has always and will always maintain the highest level of safety in the country (CLIA level 4 complexity) and has zero tolerance for medspas or other franchises that spread deadly diseases to their staff or clients through non-audited activities.
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